Resource List: Being A Gay-Affirming Christian

Resource List: Being or Becoming A Gay-Affirming Christian A question I’m often asked as a gay-affirming, LGBTQ-celebrating Christian is “How did you get here?”  You can read about my personal journey here and here. But there are SO MANY incredible resources out there that have helped me and my family, and I wanted to putContinue reading “Resource List: Being A Gay-Affirming Christian”

I Rewatched “The Santa Clause” and I’m Here to Ruin it For You

As a child reared in the 90s, The Santa Clause was the penultimate magical Christmas movie of my childhood. I was nine years old when this modern classic was released in theaters, and I think I watched it every year of my youth from then on. We watched Home Improvement on the regular, so pre-cocaine TimContinue reading “I Rewatched “The Santa Clause” and I’m Here to Ruin it For You”

What Moana Taught Me About Trauma

*Ya’ll. I have no words to describe how BLOWN AWAY I am by the response to this article. 200k shares??? WHAT? Is this real life?? It was the scariest thing I’ve ever written.  And you’ve been so wonderful. So thank you for your kindness. * My child has recently become obsessed with Moana. (Yes, IContinue reading “What Moana Taught Me About Trauma”

Mama, You Are Still You

Hey mama. I see you there. In your hole-y leggings, with dry-shampooed hair, re-heating your cup of coffee for the 5th time this morning. Bleary-eyed. Engorged. Tired. Doing the very best you can. Keeping your tiny humans alive and clean(ish) and fed and loved. I see you pouring out every ounce of energy and loveContinue reading “Mama, You Are Still You”

I Survived Postpartum Depression

This is the face of postpartum depression: And this: And this: Postpartum anxiety and depression doesn’t always look like you think it does, particularly under a good Instagram filter. Surprised? I was. I had a wonderful birth experience, but it didn’t take long for me to start feeling in over my head. From the moment ourContinue reading “I Survived Postpartum Depression”