Sucking the marrow.

One of my favorite bloggers ever, Kelle Hampton from Enjoying The Small Things, often uses a phrase in regards to getting the most out every minute of life: “Sucking the marrow.” It basically just means taking the time to really invest in joy and drink in every experience life has to offer.

I just love that.

And this weekend, we sucked the marrow baby.

In fact, we gulped it.

We headed to Asheville during the absolute, glorious PEAK of Autumn color and stayed here:

Oh yes. Your eyes do not deceive you. That is, in fact, a tee-pee.

There were campfires, shooting stars, telescopes, songs and guitars, and fun new friends to laugh and talk with late into the night under the stars.

And, BTW, Asheville is just magical. I’ve never been to a city more steeped in art, culture, great food, and harmony with nature. We ate at insanely amazing Himalayan and Brazilian restaurants. We sat shoeless on cushions on the floor of a tea room. We lounged on rattan sofas to the sounds of a hammered dulcimer while drinking authentic kava from Vanuatu. And, of course, made multiple trips to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. We wandered the vintage shops and book stores and record stores. We stared in awe at God’s spectacular creation. And we just laughed and talked and tried to pack in as many fun new experiences as possible. It was glorious.

But we’re happy to be home in our (warm) bed. Content and sleepy and filled with joy.

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