It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I love October. It’s like, my favorite month. And we’ve been reveling in every scrumptious minute of it. Last week, that breathtaking sky greeted us here:

The Big Mo! It was our first time ever at a drive-in together, and we had a blast! The Big Mo is kinda a local treasure. It has remained basically unchanged for the last 50 years, and it is just a delicious little step back in time. We’re hooked.

And then last night, at about 9:30, I was working on choreography for my dance class, Braden was studying for a midterm, and all was peaceful and winding-down at the Poovey Palace. And then, suddenly struck with a wild-hair, I said, “Hey babe, why don’t we pop over to the fair real quick?” And 5 minutes later, we were in the car. And it was heaven. No planning, no coordinating, just pure, spontaneous fun.

And then there was this – my all-time favorite carnival ride EVER. (My uncontrollable hyena-like cackling has even been known to score me free rides from amused carnies.) Feel free to laugh along with me.

I love how sharing a ride at the fair is the ultimate unifying human experience for strangers. No matter how different you may be, when you ride something crazy together, you form a bond yo. I had a beautiful, hilarious “conversation” with a couple who didn’t even speak English from opposite sides of the rocking ship consisting exclusively of hand gestures, facial expressions, and laughter. It was a riot, and we shared knowing smiles and giggles as we parted ways after the ride’s magic had finally been broken.

And, by the way, this exists. Fo’ real:

Now I’m getting excited about this weekend. What new adventures will it bring? No one can tell. But I’ll give you a hint – at least one adventure includes white-water kayaking!

Happy Thursday!

One thought on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. 1. I loved that video. I giggled the whole way through it. Your laugh is one of my faves.

    2. I have a few other friends who live in the same area and they went to the fair today, I think. I love that my friends paths are crossing unknowingly. 🙂


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