October Sky

When dawn broke on October 1st, we in SC were greeted by crisp, cool air, heavenly breezes, and a startling Autumn-blue sky. Literally overnight, Fall has arrived.

October was all like “Now you know you couldn’t start Fall without me ya’ll! Bizzow! Octobah is in the hizz-ouse!! Now let’s get this party started!

(That’s how I would imagine October would sound if it were, in fact, a sentient being and could, you know, talk)

We kicked the season off right last week with a favorite annual tradition: our “First Day of Fall Soiree,” which was literally so much fun that I completely forgot to take pictures. (Trust me on this, ok? It totally rocked. For realz.) And I wouldn’t be surprised if my husband and I literally turned into a couple of pumpkins for all of the delicious pumpkin by-products we’ve ingested over the last 9 days.

(Word of the day? Literally.)

This weekend we’ve both been plagued by yucky colds, which forced us to slow down, stay in, and indulge in some truly delicious rest & relaxation. We’re talking great books, classic movies, steamy mugs of apple cider, open windows, lingering brunches, tandem motorcycle adventures, and lots of laughter. (My husband’s the coolest – have I mentioned that lately?)

Last night, temps dipped into the 40’s, so I decided to find a unique way to warm up…

Oh yeah.

That’s me.

Inside a flaming hula-hoop!!!

And it was ah- wait for it -mazing.

And nice n’ toasty! I think I’m hooked. A fire hoop may just be on my birthday list!

Weekend phone dump:

How are you kicking off this spectacular Autumn season? I’d love to hear about it! Stay tuned this week for favorite Fall movies and smashing cool-weather-reads. Happy Sunday!

One thought on “October Sky

  1. Whenever it hits this time of year, I ALWAYS think of you and your family, and all of those great fall parties we had together. Those were some good times. 🙂

    We spent the weekend with our windows opened and built a fire in our firepit. 🙂


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