Snow Days

There’s something really magical about getting a ton of snow in a place that rarely sees it.

Up north, (I would assume), snow probably gets old quick. Having to shovel it, trudge through it, drive in it, and watch it swiftly become dirty and blah for several months out of every year would definitely drive me up the wall in no time flat.

But here, where the whole city shuts down for days over just a few inches of the white stuff, the magic lingers on. In Columbia, the honeymoon with snow is not over yet. Nor do I think it ever will be. Right now, we’re on the tail-end of “Snowmageddon 2011,” which included about 5 inches of snow in our part of town, followed by enormous amounts of ice covering every imaginable surface with a sparkling layer of frosting. Here, this makes all the roads insanely dangerous and impassable, as we lack both the salt and snowplows to make all this frozen goodness livable. Result? Two delightful days at home with my hubby filled with sledding, exploring, snowball-throwing, espresso drinking, soup making, pajama-snuggling, and a marathon of Modern Family. Blissful, to say the least.

In this town, snow brings everyone outdoors, taking pictures, making angels, having snowball fights, and generally just reveling in the magic that only graces us once or twice a year.

And for this native Florida girl who had never even seen snow until last winter? I’m completely unstiched. I couldn’t stop watching it fall, even until the wee hours of the morning. I’d never had a snow day before, and I gotta tell ya, they rock pretty hard. I grew up with “hurricane days” of course, but I must admit that it’s pretty fun having an unexpected day off that doesn’t include boarding up windows.

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