What I really want to say is this…

So first of all, I had big plans last night.

I was going to bake all the pies for today’s party. (Pumpkin and apple, if you were wondering.) I was going to make the caramel apples. I was going to hand address all of the invitations to my friend’s baby shower. I was going to watch a movie with my husband. I was even going to go check out the new Alternacirque show.

Instead, I fell dead asleep, in my clothes, at 9:45.

And proceeded to sleep for almost 13 hours.

I guess I needed that. Badly.

For those of you who don’t know, I work in the non-profit sector in a deeply fulfilling, but also frequently stressful and emotionally draining job. This week has been a doozy. Plus, our huge annual fundraising event is just over a week away, making these the official “most crazy days of the year.”

So am I currently running around the house like a mad woman, baking and cleaning and just throwing up an overall fuss getting ready for the party? Well clearly not, as I am obviously sitting around writing. I’m actually at my favorite table at Cafe Strudel, (the one that’s made out of an antique sewing table and overlooks the city skyline just right), nursing a bowl of fruit and a steaming mug of sticky bun coffee. (Today’s mug: “Top Ten Reasons Why You’re The Boss.“)

Eh, it’ll get done.

So on a completely different note, the reason I’m writing three (yes, three) completely different books right now is that I easily become stagnant.

I get hit with bushels full of literary inspiration one day, only to run dry the next. This is why I decided to divide my time between different projects, to give the brain something fresh to muddle about in.

I recently came upon this in an entry of my favorite blog in the world (www.kellehampton.com) and it really struck a cord with me. It’s from Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friends From Far Away: the Practice of Writing a Memoir:

“often in the middle of a timed writing practice, you feel muddled. you’re not really saying anything. so try this: don’t ever wait to finish your sentence. right in the middle, put a dash…then write ‘what i really want to say is this’…drop to a deeper level and keep going…”

So what I really want to say is this –

-My grandmother is a total rockstar. I want to write a whole big entry all about her very soon.

-I have a really, really good husband. He puts up with all manner of crazy shenanigans from me with a level of grace I just can’t believe.

-It’s 90 degrees out for our First Day of Fall party, and I am so completely cool with that. Hopefully it means a nice, toasty winter is on its way.

-There’s a girl standing by the coffee pot with a riot if curly red hair and a ton of wild flowers sticking out of her canvas tote bag. I feel like we should be friends.

-This morning I literally rolled out of bed, threw on clothes, grabbed my laptop, and headed to Cafe Strudel. No hair brush. No toothbrush. No makeup. Hopefully I’m not scaring the villagers.

-There are the most beautiful little bits of dandelion fluff floating all around in the air today. It’s making the world look really magical.

Ok, well the party officially starts in five and a half hours, so I best actually good get some stuff done. Happy Saturday and happy Autumn!

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